years later without husband


Years ago my husband took me to Sushi Main Street after his coworkers raved about the place. We were newlyweds, childless, and leisureful(yes, it is a word, with middle english origins, but not used in modern language. Go figure.) It was at night, and the cool sea breeze was making me tighten my periwinkle pashmina wrap around my slender arms. Everything I recalled about that evening was perfect–the conversation, my outfit(how I looked in that outfit), the twinkling candles on the rustic metal tables, the beautiful people drinking saki at the bar and most importantly, the sushi rolls.

Fourteen years later, I decided to take my girlfriend there for lunch. I haven’t been back since that magical night. Dinner was out of the question due to the kids’ schedules, and I like to slip on my pjs after seven. So lunch it was, if you can even call a meal at 11:45 lunch.

The first thing I noticed was that the restaurant seemed bigger. It must had been renovated in the last decade or it just looked bigger because it was practically empty. The second thing I noticed was that it was still STUNNING! No twinkling candles given that it was the middle of the day, but a warm sunny glow from the windows brought the beautiful decor to focus. Plastered walls the shade of crushed oyster shells, whimsical chairs made from driftwood, and orchids in clay pots were displayed just like I remembered.


Our nigiri and tuna maki rolls were very fresh. To me, the true star of nigiri is the rice, and it needs to be slightly chewy with a barely molded feel to it. Think pie dough that has been gently brought together without too much handling. That’s the same theory behind good sushi rice. It should not be gummy nor a heaping mountain underneath the fish. The nigiri at Sushi Main Street was perfectly balanced, and the wasabi packed a punch.

Sushi Main Street

Sushi Main Street

The lovely couple next to us ordered a clay pot, and when the waitress brought out the steaming dish, they squealed in delight. They ooh’d and ah’d as they slurped down the mushroomy broth. I didn’t want to intrude on their date so no success on a pic to post for the clay pot.I will just have to go back to Sushi Main Street with my husband to order my own clay pot. Date night will become a reality in the near future sans pjs.

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