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We spent January first at San Gregorio State Beach, located about 15 minutes south of Half Moon Bay. I didn’t expect to see so many people on the beach, but it was uplifting to share New Year’s Day with a crowd, considering how hermit-like we were on New Year’s Eve. A cool 60 degrees beach weather didn’t stop small children from splashing in the creek–a shallow but rapidly flowing freshwater stream that empties into the ocean during rainy season. Along the banks of the creek were prodigious piles of driftwood, neatly stacked like spare wood in a garage. Groups of people were erecting driftwood towers by carefully arranging weathered wood into primal shelters. I hunted down a few pieces myself–not to test my engineering abilities–but to bring home to add to my collection. And my favorite one resembled an abalone shell.


But to backtrack a bit, the beach was number two on our stop. Our first and main destination was Swanton’s Farmstand in Davenport, which is south of San Gregorio Beach.


Everytime we go, different pies are offered. This time, it was blackberry pie–individually-sized(don’t plan on sharing) pies are packed in containers convenient to bring to the beach or enjoyed right on the premises while playing a number of board games. And get this, you help yourself to pie, coffee, juice, chocolates, jam, and a number of other goodies they make right there in the back kitchen, and then you leave the appropriate money on the counter. It’s all based on an honor system, and I always feel better about myself after a visit.

This is also where I got inspired to start a blog about a year ago. I haven’t made up my mind about what my New Year’s resolution will be, but maybe, I’ll make it more of mission: to make monthly trips to the Farmstand, and oh yeah, eat more pie.




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2 Responses

  1. Katherine Relf-Canas says:

    How nice that you have reached the one-year mark on your venture. How productive you have been. I have never heard of that self-serve place. Love the photos!

  2. Queens Girl says:

    Thank you Katherine. It’s been fun cooking!

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