This site was previously known as Eats in Slow Coast. A year into my blogging, I realized that most of the food I was making had some roots in Korean food. Kochugaru(Korean hot pepper flakes) was showing up everywhere, and I was having so much fun coming up with recipes that were raising eyebrows in my little West Coast town. So, I refocused my site, gave it a refresher, and renamed it Korean Food Hack.

And hacking Korean food is what it’s about.

If you have giant bags of dried anchovies in the freezer, then this site is for you.

If you love sneaking kimchi into your sandwiches, or love dipping veggies into kochujang, then you’re in the right place. Or maybe, you’re just looking to spice up your cooking repertoire. (Try the kochugaru roasted potatoes recipe; it’s a good start.) I’m just thrilled that you are here.

A Tiny Bit About Me.

I live in the beautiful hills of Belmont, a small town in the Bay Area just 15 minutes away from the Pacific Coast. Although flip-flops are taking over my shoe closet these days, I’m not originally from California. I hail from Queens, NY, where I grew up eating some amazing Korean food. It was the food of my parents’ generation, traditional and often non-compromising, but always delicious.

Years later, I’m a parent myself, and I’m cooking Korean and Asian food in new ways for my family. I don’t stick to the recipes that were handed down to me (however, I do know how to make proper kimchi) because I like to mix things up. Fresh California ingredients with an Asian twist—fusion, Asian mutation, new Asian are some of the names thrown around these days. I’m mixing influences, discarding some traditions, taking too many photos, writing, eating, learning, and sharing recipes.

How I Take Those Shots.

I use a Sony entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera: Sony Alpha Nex-F3. I’ve had it for years, and it’s uncomplicated, which is perfect for me right now. All photographs taken are using natural light with minimal time taken for styling because I have a hungry family waiting for me at the table.

Thanks for visiting my kitchen!