off to a good start

Yesterday’s clam chowders may have helped Henry recover from his cold. He was well enough this morning to be part of the band trip down to Disneyland. I won’t be seeing him for four days, and now am a little regretful that I didn’t give him a hug. I was about to smother him with kisses when I noticed a big stain on my daughter’s pants. She had a gigantic scrape on her knee from falling yesterday, and blood was seeping through her day old bandaid. As I was searching for clean bandaids, Henry was already in my husband’s car, counting the seconds to his freedom. With all the commotion, I forgot to give him a proper good-bye.

I do find some solace in the idea that my spicy soup last night was responsible for clearing his sinuses. I ended up throwing all the cooked clams into my universal seafood soup base. It’s my take on the Manhattan clam chowder, but spicier with a Tex-Mex twist. I replaced canned diced tomatoes with a jar of salsa. I know it sounds weird, but it gives the soup an interesting flavor, and you can make the chowder lightning fast. If you can take the heat or need to decongest, just use spicier salsa.

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