loaves on display

In a town where clam chowder is held in high esteem, it is required that there be a number of excellent bakeries offering hearty bread to pair with the stoup(stew/soup). After all, sourdough bread can be regarded as a vessel, utensil, and undeniably the perfect spongy partner to that creamy briny soup. HMB Bakery on Main Street doesn’t disappoint, providing an assortment of delectable baked goods, and yes, a damn good sourdough bread.
Stripped of all decorations with just a small sign in the window, HMB Bakery is a hardworking little bakery where its goods are its only advertisement. On one wall sweet breads, such as lemon poppy seed bread and butter pecan bread, are displayed prominently and artfully on shelves. Under the glass display are almost empty trays of cookies, proof of the high demand, and by noon, there is only one loaf of sourdough bread left.

Go early and bring cash.

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