a cold remedy

the bowl spilleth over

The best remedy for a kid staying home with a cold is a bowl of volcanic clam chowder. Henry and I are headed to Half Moon Bay Fish Market to slurp down the creamy briny  goodness. Only fifteen minutes from our house, and we won’t make any pitstops back. The saying goes: feed a cold, starve a flu. 


Thick enough to coat a spoon with just the right amount of potatoes and clams. Bread is softened by the lava flow and is minutes away from becoming a collapsed mess. But who can take that long to eat the entire thing?

DSC03042 Back inside to see what’s good.

IMG_0058Next time.



Puchased a 15 lb bag of clams–way more than I needed.  But Felipe enticed me with his offer to steam them for free.


Actually boiled in Old Bay seasoned water, but clams are just as tender. Delicious as is, although slightly gritty from sand. I may soak clams first and then boil them myself next time.  Couple of ideas on what to do with these beauties.

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2 Responses

  1. Henry says:

    What a good looking kid you have there. Wink wink!

  2. Sora says:

    All these calms in lava like liquid is making me very very hungry.

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