friday check-in from the east coast

My sister dropped me a note from NYC. And with her full permission, I am sharing:

Sorry, this post is a bit overdue but hope it’s not too late. I hope things are drying up now in your neck of the woods.

They say if you’ve gained weight in your first year of marriage you have a happy one.  According to the scale in the doctors office, I must be ecstatic. I know my late night munching on holiday cookies filled with ginger and spices that promise good health didn’t help so I was thrilled to see my sisters recipe for steamed fish with crispy ginger and oyster sauce. I’m sure replacing ginger in cookie form for nice savory and satisfying fish would be a start to losing the post marriage bulge. So I gave it a go and made the dish using haddock. I didn’t have chicken stock on hand to make the sauce more saucy so I used a bit of the leftover liquid from the steam and it seemed to do the trick. I also lined the steamer with Chinese broccoli leaves and used red peppers instead of the chillies. Since I love a little kick, I added some dried hot peppers.  To add some more veg to our meal, I sautéed some sugar snap peas with ginger and garlic. The results while not as refined as my sisters (my scallions and peppers were “rustically” cut), was tasty. Thanks sis! Now I wanna make that baked bulgogi lamb meatballs with feta.

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