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Had I planned my blog better and didn’t do things flying by the seat of my pants, I probably would have started my slow coast food adventures with a trip to Barbara’s Fishtrap. Is there anything more coastal than fish and chips? And in HMB, the place where everyone goes at least once either with visiting relatives, on a third date, as a family outing to escape the heat from the valley, or whatever other reason that compels you to drive to the coast, is Barbara’s Fishtrap.

It was Sunday, the sky was overcast and last week’s heat had been replaced with the ubiquitous wind in Belmont. When I opened my front door, I was greeted with a pile of leaves and garbage that had swirled its way onto my front entrance. Great Dorothy! Belmont’s brisk wind at times can make Kansas seem like the Shire in The Lord of the Rings.(Did I really just make two iconic pop culture references?) Instead of grabbing my broom(I know what you’re thinking), I corralled the family and hightailed over to the coast, because cool temps meant less people.

Like I predicted, the line at Barbara’s Fishtrap was reasonable. A group of cyclists were sharing cycling stories, something about ‘bonking,’ while eating gigantic portions of fish and chips. We decided to use the To Go window to order and eat outside, enjoying the view on the quaint side beach. Food isn’t cheap. An order of fish and chips plus soda can run you about $15, and unless you’re a cyclist that just bonked, one order can be shared happily between two people.



We ended up in our car, as my car-potato children complained about it being too cold outside. In their defense, they never complained about the heat last week. That was just me. I had to admit that eating fish and chips inside a toasty car on a cool day was a nice feeling. The fish had a crisp coating that was both light and substantial. I particularly liked the fried shrimp(I ordered a mixed seafood plate) which was plump and perfectly seasoned. The fried scallops were not my favorite as they were just too big, and not enough crust to go along with the meat. Also, placing lemon slices over the thick fries and under the seafood, is not the best placement for them and besides being messy to pick out, left a few fries soggy. But there were more than enough fries to compensate for a few lost ones, and my waistline isn’t really missing much these days.

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6 Responses

  1. Sammy says:

    woman who references lord of the rings + likes to eat fried food = one happy husband.

  2. sora says:

    I want to eat it all.

  3. sora says:

    You got it Henry. Will you be driving? :-)

  4. Henry says:

    Oh well. I hadn’t thought of that, but sure. I’ll take the offer!

  5. Rosalie says:

    Love Barbara ‘s Fishtrap. Can’t wait to read about your next stop.

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