a housewife’s guide to surviving a kitchen reno



Don’t adjust your screen. Not much has changed visually since day 4.

It’s midway point, day 14 of a one month(projection) kitchen renovation. I’m celebrating with a top ten list of pointers.

1. Mini fridge is a god send. Stocking it with single sized pizzas is not.
2. Don’t let your daughter use the toaster oven to bake her clay crafts, unless you want burnt clay smell on your bagels.
3. If you are a stay at home mom like me, try to change out of sweats once in a while. They’re not renovating your closet.
4. Stop checking to hear if work is being done downstairs every few minutes. It is unlikely that the crew is partying quietly.
5. The downstairs powder room will become a truck stop. Plan on burning towels.
6. When hubby calls before leaving work, have him pick up dinner with plates and napkins. Don’t be a martyr!
7. Stop mentally calculating cost of renovation in your head. You budgeted for this, remember?
8. Stop cleaning your kids’ rooms. Don’t go all Lady Macbeth; you can’t erase the mess downstairs by obsessively scrubbing their rooms.
9. Do walk the dog a lot!! Seeing sunshine and neighbors will lift your spirits. Also, neighbors envying your new kitchen will boost your ego.
10. Finally, it will be over soon. What’s a month or two out of your lifetime?

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